In a perfect world your file transfer solution would flawlessly complete every single file transfer quickly, completely and without delay. Unfortunately, we don’t live in a perfect world and a multitude of factors can delay or prevent your scheduled file transfers.

Network issues, slow connections, power fluctuations and even good old user error can result in failed or stalled file transfers. Usually the only way to know when this happens is to check the transfer logs once someone notices the file they need is missing. Ipswitch is changing that.Forget FTP! Start transferring data the secure and compliant way. Try MOVEit today.

The latest version of MOVEit Transfer supports a new Live View dashboard that shows you the real time status of all your file transfers. You get full visibility to all the files that are being uploaded and download right now. Tabs make it easy to see which transfers are In Progress, Stalled, Failed or Completed. Columns within each tab can be sorted in ascending or descending order and there’s even a keyword search function so you can find exactly the transfer you’re looking for. A large, color-coded status bar at the top of the screen gives you at-a-glance awareness of how many transfers are in each state and there’s even a special FULL View mode for use in NOCs. Check out the brief demo below for a look:

Wistia video thumbnail


MOVEit Transfer Live View Dashboard

There’s never any doubt about whether a transfer made it successfully. You’ll be able to identify issues as they happen and let stakeholders know before they call you with questions. You’ll also instantly be aware of system-wide problems or when a particular source or destination has gone down. The result is better visibility into the health of your file transfer solution, faster awareness and resolution of issues, and fewer people calling you to ask “Are you sure that went through?” 

For more details about MOVEit 2018 check out the product page here.