Android insecurities are not just limited to people carelessly downloading apps from off-market sources: Not only did Google just remove hundreds of malvertising browser plugins from its official Play store for Android apps, researchers are still struggling to remove xHelper, a persistent bit of Android malware that can survive total factory resets.

This bad news is offset by the good. The AV-Test, an independent testing organization, just released its report on 17 mobile security products for Android. Their test especially focused on keeping the bad stuff out (malware detection), not stopping the good stuff (false positives), and not slowing users down (performance matters). Their analysis looked at how each of these apps would work and perform directly out of the box – running on default settings, ability to update themselves, and query in-the-cloud services.

Count up those points with Avira

Avira’s Antivirus Security for Android got all six points available for each category: protection, usability, and performance. In the Protection category, AV-Test has two categories to check real-time malware events and also a set of most prevalence malware, seen spreading around, Avira achieved the highest possible protection scoring. This was a repeat top performance, continuing the result from the previous test.

Avira had zero false alarms, a better result than the industry average of one, and subsequently received the full 6 points in usability. Avira also scored well in the dreaded security lag test. Researchers found the Avira app had no significant impact on battery life, did not slow down the device and also was below the AV-Test network traffic limits, giving Avira the final 6 points – and the right to have the AV Test logo on the product.

Don’t forget your private data going out

As good as Avira malware detection is, we know that it’s not just incoming malware that has smartphone users concerned. People are concerned about how their personal data can be exfiltrated from the device and online activities eavesdropped on. This need for privacy is a big part of the reason Avira includes a full-fledged VPN in the free app – privacy and security ready for when you are on the go. Your activity deserves full encryption, enabling secure communication even on unsecured public networks.

Go ahead, be more secure and private with your Android smartphone

Scoring 18 out of 18 is good news for Avira Antivirus Free: Yes, it’s great to have a security app that protects you from incoming malware and which knows better than to raise a false alarm. And that’s not all. Don’t forget the privacy and security advantages of a real VPN that actually encrypts your online activities.

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