BeyondTrust Privilege Management for Unix & Linux reduces the risk of privilege misuse by assigning privileges to only authorized tasks that require them, controlling application and script usage, and logging, monitoring, and reporting on privileged activities. By providing fine-grained control over privileged access, IT teams better protect users, while improving the efficiency of least privilege management.

New Feature Highlights

Privilege Management for Unix & Linux 10.2 introduces enhanced console features, and market-leading capabilities for developing fine-grained policies that address business requirements more easily than ever before.

Policy Debugging

Using scripts in Unix and Linux provides a very accessible way to automate tasks within the system. However, while debugging scripts is generally straightforward, users often must resort to using “print” statements to get information out about the current state of the environment at key points in the script. Though this is a well-known and accepted approach, it can become laborious and lead to scripts bloated with lots of these statements, many of which don’t get removed “just in case”.

Using a scripting language for policy control in Privilege Management for Unix & Linux provides an incredibly power mechanism for modelling even the most complex of policies. Privilege Management for Unix & Linux 10.2, Advanced edition, introduces the ability to debug policy without impacting the operation of policy processing. Policy debugging can be enabled for a specific user, or users, and will capture information around the policy evaluations that are performed, making that available either directly at the command line, or via a RESTful API. This provides the key information for pinpointing where the policy isn’t behaving as expected and what needs to be done to resolve it.

This new functionality makes developing powerful policy far easier, enabling you to deliver even more benefits from effective and efficient privilege management across your organization.

BeyondInsight for Unix & Linux

Formerly known as PowerBroker Servers Management Console, BeyondInsight for Unix & Linux is a module of BeyondInsight that can be installed on both Windows and Linux systems, providing a web-based user interface for deployment, maintenance, and management of Privilege Management for Unix & Linux.

BeyondInsight for Unix & Linux is an integral part of Privilege Management for Unix & Linux, Active Directory Bridge, and Privilege Management for Networks. This version provides a host of improvements including:

  • Enhanced support for accessibility
  • Improved LDAP support
  • Rebranding to new BeyondTrust look and feel
  • UX upgrades for optimal usability Security enhancements

For more information on the Privilege Management for Unix & Linux 10.2 release, check out the New Features Overview. You can also access the Privilege Management for Unix & Linux data sheet here.

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