It is my pleasure to announce the release of BeyondTrust Privileged Identity version Privileged Identity continuously discovers, tracks, and automatically provides privileged accounts with unique and frequently changing credentials across all major platforms, ensuring that powerful privileged identities are only available to audited users on a temporary, delegated basis.

BeyondTrust Privileged Identity v5.5.5.0 builds on BeyondTrust’s commitment for revolutionizing the way the world secures and manages privileged access. This version brings a faster and sleeker web application interface and other exciting new features to help your team be more productive, while securing privileged access. Here are highlights of the release:

New Web Application Frontend

In version, Privileged Identity debuts a new web application frontend, which provides more speed, better security, and a modern development platform for your teams. Customers can expect the frontend to have a sleeker, noticeably faster interface, and a tight integration with PI’s web service to provide new features.

Account Elevation Now Supports Multiple Platforms

Previously, Privileged Identity’s account elevation feature supported Windows systems only. Account elevation capabilities will now extend across your heterogeneous environment, including Linux/UNIX, various databases, and cloud platforms. For those customers who do leverage Windows domains and are already at Windows Server 2016 functional level or higher, account elevation has been extended to support Shadow Groups as well. This means you can add a user to a group, such as Domain Admins, and have this membership expired by Active Directory itself. This provides an enhanced level of secure access.

Native Launch Capability for Privileged Remote Access

Prior to this release, Privileged Remote Access (PRA) was able to launch sessions by using credentials from Privileged Identity. Now, Privileged Identity will be able to launch privileged access sessions using Privileged Remote Access directly from the PI website. This integration helps to minimize the interactions required from a user needing privileged access and consolidates functionalities into a single interface.

Feature Enhancements

This new version also brings enhancements to existing features. A new TrueUp licensing model will allow customers to move from commercial keys to demo keys to better test new add-on features before purchase, making licensing more flexible for enterprise customers with highly dynamic environments.

Additionally, the alternate administrators feature has been upgraded. In PI v5.5.5.0, customers will be able to decide the order of credentials that PI can attempt to use at the program level, management set, or system level. This will help improve management of untrusted environments where zone processors cannot be leveraged, or in environments where PI is not granted the breadth of required rights and permissions needed.

For more on this exciting release, please check out the What’s New features document and Release Notes.