Bomgar Privileged Access is now BeyondTrust Privileged Remote Access!The BeyondTrust name may be new to some Bomgar Privileged Access customers, but rest assured that we will continue to deliver the same high-quality privileged access product, services, and experience they have come to expect.

In release 19.1, our Privileged Remote Access customers will have a first look at some of the design considerations that went into evolving the experience of our user. You will also see the incorporation of the new BeyondTrust brand elements.

BeyondTrust Privileged Remote Access, powered by Bomgar, gives organizations greater visibility and control over third-party vendor access, as well as internal remote access, providing the ability to secure access to your most important assets.

Here’s a brief round-up of what’s new with the release of version 19.1:

More Deployment Options

The BeyondTrust Privileged Remote Access appliance is now available in Amazon Web Services. Whether you are initially deploying your BeyondTrust appliance, or have an initiative to move your on-premise appliance to AWS, our new AWS deployment options provide you with more flexibility to deploy as you choose.

macOS Mojave Support

The macOS Representative Console and Customer Client now fully support macOS Mojave, including changes to the new security requirements of Mojave.

Password Injection with Password Safe

Password Injection with BeyondTrust Password Safe is now available for Privileged Remote Access, enabling your users to securely use passwords during access sessions with the click of a button, providing an integrated approach to secure third-party vendor access.

Atlas Cluster Technology

Privileged Remote Access Atlas Cluster Technology is designed for large-scale geographical deployments of Privileged Remote Access. With Atlas, users will use a single site across multiple appliances, referred to as nodes in a cluster. Atlas enables administrators to manage multiple appliances across the globe from one central place.

Access Console Enhancements

Several enhancements were made to the Access Console to improve usability, such as remembering the last security provider used for login, saving column layout changes, and a new field indicating the last time a computer was rebooted.

These new features improve upon what’s already possible with BeyondTrust’s Privileged Remote Access, enabling you to control, manage, and audit vendor and internal remote privileged access.

Additional Resources for this Release

For more on the release, watch this brief video.

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You can also learn more about BeyondTrust privileged remote access here.