Product Overview

OPSWAT MetaDefender Core protects your organization by preventing advanced cybersecurity threats on multiple data channels. MetaDefender Core leverages a number of technologies, including Deep Content Disarm and Reconstruction (Deep CDR)MultiscanningFile-Based Vulnerability AssessmentData Loss Prevention and Threat Intelligence.

Release Highlight

  • Non-persistent scan mode is now supported for Webhook scanning to preserve database resources and enhance processing performance. Scan results will not be written into the MetaDefender Core database. In order to call back the results, users need to use Webhook mode.
  • Starting with this release, users are able to remove any engines without using CLI tool and service restart requirements. It’s easy to modify on the MetaDefender Core management console.

MetaDefender Core enables users to remove either the engine package or its database package to accommodate various user needs and cases. Users can also choose to retain the existing configuration (of the removed engines) to make them easy to reinstall in the future.

  • Single Sign-On (SSO) feature was released with the MetaDefender Core v.4.18.0 release. Now we support more Identity Providers (IDP), including Microsoft Azure AD Connect, Ping Identity, Idaptive, Xecurity, and OneLogin.
  • With this release, users can configure to clean unneeded data stored in the MetaDefender Core statistics repository. Data retention settings are accessible under Settings > Data retention. In case you do not want to enable the automatic clean up, set the value to off. This will prevent the automatic removal of scan history.

Furthermore, in this upgrade, we focused on improving MetaDefender Core performance and user experience with many minor enhancements, including:

  • File type processing time included in the final JSON response
  • DLP image cropping feature support (Only available starting Proactive DLP version 2.6.0)
  • UI clarity improvement for the scan result page
  • Unicode characters better support for database migration (product upgrade)
  • Better performance for the statistics page
  • Support package to include engine logs (only available when engines start writing it)
  • Workflow rule setting values validation
  • Case sensitive support in header “filepath” for POST /file request

Please see our release notes for other bug fixes and updates.

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Release Details

  • Product: MetaDefender Core
  • Release Date: 7 December 2020
  • Release Notes: 4.19.2
  • Download Link on OPSWAT Portal: Download

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