MetaDefender Drive is a durable USB drive that creates a portable perimeter, in any location where maintaining an air-gap is critical.

Once plugged into a USB port, the computer can be booted safely from Drive, by running off of Drive’s own operating system. This separation allows analysis without software installation — a scan of the entire device for malware, vulnerabilities and a determination of the device’s integrity.

Deep forensic analysis is conducted on every possible file, and detailed threat reports pinpoint which files need to be removed and remediated. 

The result? Only trusted devices enter your environment. 

New In This Release

Inclusion of Offline Help in MetaDefender Drive

At OPSWAT we understand many of our customers are working in offline environment. Now any customer who needs to reference our help files can navigate to the MetaDefender Drive partition and them within the /help folder.

Scan Reports now Capture Multiple MAC Addresses

MetaDefender Drive now captures all of the MAC addresses associated with a scanned machine in the written report. This is designed to make it easier to cross-reference a report with the specific machine from which it was taken.

Release Details