The MyWorkspace team is thrilled to announce that connecting to remote apps using Session hint / TSVUrl (the Windows Server 2012/R2 way) is supported as of now.

Connecting to Remote Apps using Session hint / TSVUrl

Since Windows Server 2012/R2 the connection broker has changed the way clients connect to a collection of Remote Desktop Session Hosts (RDSH). How does this work?
The connection broker hosts the Remote Desktop Service (RDS) deployment and the collections of RDSH. During the establishment of a connection the client reads the full address of the connection broker and also some properties of the Remote Desktop Gateway (RDG). The client then authenticates against the gateway and as second step connects to the Remote Desktop (RD) connection broker.

After that the connection broker tries to redirect to the proper RDSH collection. Here the TSVUrl comes into play. The TSVUrl or the Session hint is suggesting to which collection of RDSH the client should connect to. If there is already an existing session running for the user the client will be redirected to the server with the running session. Otherwise the connection broker determines the best suited server in the collection to establish the connection.
You can find a very good description of how things work here.

How to configure the connection to remote apps the Windows Server 2012/R2 way in MyWorkspace

Nothing more easy than that. Just provide the address of the connection broker in the host section of the remote app. For the Session hint / TSVUrl we have provided you a new field in the panel. Along with the other required properties you are ready to go.

We have added support for the Session hint / TSVUrl in remote apps.

See also our Help Center article about using the Remote Desktop Gateway with Connection Brokers.

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