With SanerNow 
Make Cyber Hygiene

Your Topmost Priority

Seamlessly manage and secure your endpoints with the

most recommended cyber hygiene orchestration and automation platform.

Cyber Attacks are Preventable with Proper

Cyber Hygiene

Identify, Predict, Detect, Respond and

Prevent Cyberattacks with SanerNow

A unified platform with a plethora of applications to easily manage and secure your enterprise endpoints.

Using SanerNow,  you can perform:

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SanerNow Keeps You in

Control of Your IT Security Operations

Get real-time visibility and control over all your endpoints. Continuously detect and

analyze vulnerabilities and misconfigurations across your IT environment. 

Deploy patches automatically to eliminate attack

surface, achieve continuous compliance to

security standards, detect attack indicators, and respond in real-time.

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Trusted by Customers


Companies all around the globe use SecPod solutions to

secure themselves from attacks, reduce complexity and

improve their productivity.

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Validated by Experts

SecPod is a team of cyber security experts committed to developing pioneering solutions for customers.

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ESG Technical Review – Managing Risk, Complexity, and Cost with SanerNow Endpoint Security and Management Platform

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Cyber Defense 2018 Global Awards – Cutting Edge Vulnerability Assessment, Remediation, Patch and Configuration Management Endpoint Security