WhatsApp is a messaging app that serves as an alternative to traditional smartphone calling and texting. It’s free, owned by Facebook, and provides a variety of features that its users love, like free internet-based international calling and end-to-end encryption.

WhatsApp has over 1.5 billion users who send 60 billion messages per day.

In May off 2019, WhatsApp revealed a system vulnerability that could have allowed hackers to access not just a user’s profile, but their entire phone. It’s believed that the spyware had an intended target and luckily, WhatsApp was able to quickly respond and develop an update that would protect its users.

How to Secure Your WhatsApp Account

If you use WhatsApp, make sure you’ve installed the most recent update. But there are also other steps you can take to protect your account.

  • Use a Lock App – WhatsApp doesn’t have a locking feature just yet, but you can use a third-party lock app to safeguard your account. Download a reputable lock app, set a pattern to unlock your WhatsApp screen, and you’ll be a step ahead of hackers.
  • Always Log Out of Your Account – Whether you’re using a desktop or mobile version of WhatsApp, make sure you always log out of the application when you’re finished. One reason for doing this is that WhatsApp sends a notification whenever someone logs in. If you always log out when you’re finished, you’ll get a heads up if someone else is using your account.
  • Two-Factor Authentication – You should be familiar with this security step already, as it’s recommended for all types of accounts, including WhatsApp. The application already uses end-to-end encryption, so protecting yourself with two-factor authentication creates a tough barrier for hackers to break through.

Has Your WhatsApp Account Been Hacked?

Hopefully you’ve taken some security steps to protect your WhatsApp account. But unfortunately, no account is 100% safe from hackers. If you’re wondering if your WhatsApp account has been hacked, here are some telltale signs to know.

  • You Can’t Log In – WhatsApp can’t be used on more than one device at the same time. So if you’re having trouble logging into your account or you can’t make a call, there’s a chance someone else is using your account.
  • Check WhatsApp Web – WhatsApp Web is a feature that allows users to chat from their browser. It’s a great feature but unfortunately, hackers can gain access to your WhatsApp Web and see your chat logs and statuses. There won’t be any obvious signs someone has hacked your WhatsApp Web, so here’s how you can tell. Open the app and click on the menu. Select “WhatsApp Web” where you can check to see what devices have access to your account. If you notice anything suspicious, you’ve most likely been hacked.

WhatsApp is a great application that’s making it easier to communicate globally, stay in touch with family and friends, and work with clients and other businesses. Unfortunately, hackers can be an issue.

Hopefully you’ve taken the proper steps to secure your smartphone as well as your account but if your WhatsApp account has already been hacked, stay tuned for our blog on regaining access to your account.

Source: https://blog.avira.com/was-my-whatsapp-hacked-heres-what-you-should-know/